He was stuck in a placewhere he saw his broken visagereflected in the screen of sheer honesty;wasting away from decisions from the long road and regrets from the short road he could not resist. He pounded his fist towards the unforgiving skyand screamed at God for creating his own existenceand asked--begged--for it to be done.... Continue Reading →


He woke with "Danny Boy" stuck inside his headand forced himself to get up while his body screamedfrom it's every part, "stop moving!". The chemo had done it's part,he was suitably exhausted and looked the part of Karloff's stand in. He was as tight from head to toeas an old war-drum.The heart inside him beatas... Continue Reading →

Falling Up

When I was a boy, I would stand on my head a nd gaze at the deepest blue sky. Surrounded by grass as green as emerald fire, I would wait there, baffled as to why I could'nt just let go of Earth and tumble into the blue. @baffled#haikuchallenge

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