On any ordinary morning He would have gotten up And about his way And braced up for another round Of an unremarkable life —nothing special; granted taken as usual… Starting up the beaten up old Toyota (The one with the blue duct tape fender) And, with a song in his soul, Gray and pendulous; Off... Continue Reading →

Punching Bricks

On this black path through a new chapter there stands a wall. It rises from the ashes of the past and spans the width of the dreams it pushes against. My wall is constructed of used liquor bottles, Nights unconscious on the floor; Not heeding the warnings And now paying the price…. Leaving broken hearts... Continue Reading →

Brink In Fall

I lay in the bone room,Stunned by the explosion of color through the paneWhile hooked to dripping tubes of cold realityKeeping me alive through this season I cannot touchBut can only feelWith my eyes I look at my armsTheir own explosion of colorKeeping me in a season of isolationThat all can only be sensedThrough a... Continue Reading →

Candle Dance

A flicker is thereBut not of light;It belongs to a candle remaining unlitBut it’s warmth shines in a dark felt not seen It’s underlying pulseGlimmers and shuddersIn the cavern of the silent mindAnd blinds perceptionWithin an eye and a spirit long stilled, A flicker burst then goneWithin the fleeting of a breath in the dark,Yet... Continue Reading →

Haiku: We are all in The Village

Freedom is but an open door to illusion.When we are "entertained" we are numbed,numbered...and herded. For we all live in The Village,all bright and colored and quaint,yet impossible to leave and driven to stay yet we dream of freedom that laughs at us...and raises it's skirt to promise easy love.We are flowers in a terrarium;growing... Continue Reading →


He was stuck in a placewhere he saw his broken visagereflected in the screen of sheer honesty;wasting away from decisions from the long road and regrets from the short road he could not resist. He pounded his fist towards the unforgiving skyand screamed at God for creating his own existenceand asked--begged--for it to be done.... Continue Reading →


He woke with "Danny Boy" stuck inside his headand forced himself to get up while his body screamedfrom it's every part, "stop moving!". The chemo had done it's part,he was suitably exhausted and looked the part of Karloff's stand in. He was as tight from head to toeas an old war-drum.The heart inside him beatas... Continue Reading →

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