Haiku: We are all in The Village

Freedom is but an open door to illusion.When we are "entertained" we are numbed,numbered...and herded. For we all live in The Village,all bright and colored and quaint,yet impossible to leave and driven to stay yet we dream of freedom that laughs at us...and raises it's skirt to promise easy love.We are flowers in a terrarium;growing... Continue Reading →


He woke with "Danny Boy" stuck inside his headand forced himself to get up while his body screamedfrom it's every part, "stop moving!". The chemo had done it's part,he was suitably exhausted and looked the part of Karloff's stand in. He was as tight from head to toeas an old war-drum.The heart inside him beatas... Continue Reading →

Reading to my Special Needs students Part 2

https://videopress.com/v/xlePzzqL?preloadContent=metadata Here is the second video I made to read another story, "The Lorax", to my severe and profound Special Needs students during the pandemic. This one was a bit longer and it was harder for them to hold attention, but they could see me and hear my voice and I was hoping it would... Continue Reading →

Reading to my Special Needs students during the Pandemic

https://videopress.com/v/8jukxTlN?preloadContent=metadata As I have probably said. I teach students with serious and profound Special Needs. During the shutdown here in the States, they could not do anything "virtual" so I thought the best thing to do was to try and reach them so they could see me and hear my voice and maybe at least... Continue Reading →

The Mourners: A Tale of Horror

The phone rang at 3:24am. "Well..that's always pleasant news", thought Manny, as he scrambled to his senses from a dead sleep. "Mmmm...H-Hello...", he said; rubbing his eyes and the back of his neck while he struggled to hang onto the phone itself. "Mr. Barnes?", said a sharp, high-pitched voice on the other end, "Manfred Barnes?"... Continue Reading →

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