On any ordinary morning He would have gotten up And about his way And braced up for another round Of an unremarkable life —nothing special; granted taken as usual… Starting up the beaten up old Toyota (The one with the blue duct tape fender) And, with a song in his soul, Gray and pendulous; Off... Continue Reading →

Punching Bricks

On this black path through a new chapter there stands a wall. It rises from the ashes of the past and spans the width of the dreams it pushes against. My wall is constructed of used liquor bottles, Nights unconscious on the floor; Not heeding the warnings And now paying the price…. Leaving broken hearts... Continue Reading →


“How did I get here” He says to himself Bleary, numb, and burning behind the eyes, After three nights of insomnia, Night eating for no real reason, Mood swings that would floor a horse, And being best friends With his toilet from guilt driven nausea (And so very thankful that it is there) To serve... Continue Reading →

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