It’s NOVEMBER people!! Can we hold ourselves for just a little bit or should we just redraw the damn calendar and eliminate the month and Thanksgiving
All together!!!

Yes this is a rant.

I am so tired of the super early Christmas decor already up by November 1st and the incessant Christmas music already blaring at every damn store and all the early set up crap that has started to happen more and more over the years.

Take a freakin breath and enjoy November as s SLOW
BURN to getting ready for a Christmas AFTER
THANKSGIVING and then go for it.
I blame the retail industry to a point but I also cannot stand the hive mind mentality that once November 1 hits and Halloween ends, the drones emerge and go
Immediately into a Christmas mode.

I love Christmas too folks. I really do. but I will NOT understand nor tolerate all this early Christmas insanity.

And yes., im about to throw a brick through every tv in the house the next time I see a retail driven BUY FRICKIN NOW AND DONT WAIT Christmas ad or picturesque shot of sleighs running through the damn snow or a Cadillac with a bow on it sitting in some morons driveway when it’s still 80 degrees outside and nowhere close to snow and December 25th. Or Christmas trees at 30 Rock or the damn Galleria birding erected already. May they fall over and burn. That is all.

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