Walk out of Reach

I look into my minds eye
And smell the dog salt air
of a beach I’ll never

My soul longs to play as a pirate
On a shipnof stone
Rising and falling on a silent wave
lost from the shore and time

Time looms short on a road that still stretches
To the horizon
And ends at a green dome that rises from the heart
Of the true city at the end
Of my rainbow;
The village of a million dreams
And a lost reality

To step along it’s cobbled streets
And listen so intently to it’s silent roar
And to trod it’s green to the music
Of a band of phantoms
Playing a hymn driving me on

One last stop
One last gaze
One last door that opens
One last glimpse through the haze

All saying to the spirit that leave me:
“Be Seeing You”


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