It’s NOVEMBER people!! Can we hold ourselves for just a little bit or should we just redraw the damn calendar and eliminate the month and ThanksgivingAll together!!! Yes this is a rant. I am so tired of the super early Christmas decor already up by November 1st and the incessant Christmas music already blaring at... Continue Reading →

Brink In Fall

I lay in the bone room,Stunned by the explosion of color through the paneWhile hooked to dripping tubes of cold realityKeeping me alive through this season I cannot touchBut can only feelWith my eyes I look at my armsTheir own explosion of colorKeeping me in a season of isolationThat all can only be sensedThrough a... Continue Reading →

Candle Dance

A flicker is thereBut not of light;It belongs to a candle remaining unlitBut it’s warmth shines in a dark felt not seen It’s underlying pulseGlimmers and shuddersIn the cavern of the silent mindAnd blinds perceptionWithin an eye and a spirit long stilled, A flicker burst then goneWithin the fleeting of a breath in the dark,Yet... Continue Reading →

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