Unmutual: A Short Poem

Into the Country,' a New Monthly Miniatures Series - REBECCA LUNCAN

There is a law unwritten but enforced

called “conformity”….and it is lethal.

Breaking it means a death osentence

of the mind although a life sentence follows.

I have broken that law.

I have become a number,

and my identity replaced

and re-written by a society

that demands I remain in line,

and graze with the sheep.

If you don’t give your mind

to the sheep and their shepherds

you are labeled and branded…

And you are feared…

I learned that confessing

my sins and failures marks you..

and stains your life in the eyes of the flock.

Your brand changes–to one of scarlet.

Indelible and irremovable.

You are shunned and cast out;

and the sheep become the shepherds.

with staffs that hook and govern

your choices and your destinty.

No more.

I choose to refuse to fit

into the mold of “repentance”.

I’ve confessed enough.

The rest of what is within me

is mine alone to keep…

as a buried treasure of secret knowledge

that only opens with a key in my soul.

I will not give it away.

I will not open it for anyone.

I will not be pushed.

I have become, and will always will be

my own person, walk my own path

and open my own gate–

Like another, I will live my life in resistance.

They won’t hold me. No one will.

My life is my own.


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