Glass Doorknobs

How to Install Antique Doorknobs | The Daring Domestic

They opened doors,

to home baked pies

and a gentle smile.

They were there to greet me

and smile with a crystal grin

promising a love beyond measure,

and leaving a world of troubles behind

…at least for a small time.

She lived behind those glass jewels,

and made her home in my heart.

She gave all she was to show a child,

and the man he became,

how to live and what love was–

and how to make life joy.

And now she is gone—

but the doorknobs remain

and they cry as I have

because they open no more…

except to say “farewell”.

If there are doorknobs in heaven;

they are truly made of glass.


2 thoughts on “Glass Doorknobs

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  1. Beautiful poetry describing a mother’s love. I remember these doorknobs very well. Thank you and sending you love and hugs.


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